Erick Sharp ACE Products President and CEO

ChemSpec Promoting Keynote Speakers at 2018 Silicone Elastomers US Summit


UNIONTOWN, OH – June 28, 2018 - ChemSpec, Ltd.  attended the 2018 Silicone Elastomers US Summit on June 27 – 28, 2018 at the Marriott Downtown Key Center in Cleveland, Ohio.  Their coordination efforts also brought two keynote speakers for today’s summit with Erick Sharp, President and CEO of ACE Products & Consulting LLC and Bill Black, Sales Engineer for Spherix® Mineral Products

Erick presented on the evaluation of chemical dispersions in HCR silicone compounding and how a multi-factor, general factorial designed experiment was performed to investigate the processing of HCR silicone molding and extrusion compounds with silicone bound chemical dispersions.  The factors selected for experiments are material form and type of chemical additives.  This study measured dependent variables of rheological properties, physical properties, dispersion and downstream processability.

Bill presented on their product Dispersix™ - aluminosilicate ceramic microspheres and their use as performance additives in silicone. Bill discussed how an aluminosilicate ceramic microsphere was engineered to be a performance additive for silicone elastomers with a focus on how the additive was developed and how it enhances the properties of silicone elastomers.

ChemSpec, Ltd is an exclusive distributor for ACE’s silicone products in North America and values their partnership because of the many benefits ACE provides them with product testing, analysis reports and the many years of technical expertise.  Chris Wagner, ChemSpec’s Law & Marketing Director explains: “Erick and his team are a proven asset of product resource for ChemSpec in promoting and selling their many products available to the silicone markets.”

ChemSpec is a distributor for the Spherix Mineral Products for the North American markets.  Dave Moreland, President and CEO of ChemSpec explains:  Their innovative processing and technical support is what our customers need to continue to grow and expand their markets. Whenever we can build a relationship with a supplier that serves our customers with unique solutions and improvements to age-old manufacturing challenges, we do our absolute best to take advantage of the opportunity. We know the Spherix Team and their products can do this in many ways.”

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ChemSpec, Ltd. is a Uniontown, Ohio-based management-owned chemical distribution firm. ChemSpec is a subsidiary of Paris, France-based SAFIC-ALCAN. ChemSpec also has a Mexican subsidiary (ChemSpec MÉXICO). ChemSpec distributes specialty and commodity chemical additives and specialty polymers into the North American elastomer mixing industry, as well as coatings, adhesive/sealant, inks, plastics and cosmetics compounding market segments. All ChemSpec’s products are competitively priced and backed by a customer service support team that is unparalleled in the industry.