Chemitac 7D

Product Spotlight - CHEMITAC® 7D

Ready-to-Use Silicone Elastomer Bonding!

ChemSpec, Ltd. represents Dalton Dynamic’s brand of CHEMITAC® elastomer adhesives for United States and Mexico.

Dalton Dynamics is 1 of 5 international subsidiaries of its parent company, Dalton Group, which is based out of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Group’s focus is on manufacturing and marketing industrial adhesives intended to attach a diversity of substrates to raw rubber by the vulcanization process. Dalton Group also focuses on “green”  chemistry and manufacturing, in that it makes preserving the environment a major priority through its “We Think Green” Corporate Culture Campaign.

Product Spotlight

The CHEMITAC 7D line is a thermoreactive adhesive, ready for use, for bonding silicone elastomers (VMQ) with steel, aluminum, aramid, textile fibers and glass by a vulcanization process. The textile fibers can be:  Cellulose, polyamide, polyester, and aramid.

This adhesive is also used to replace the grit blasting process by preparing treated surfaces for bonding, thus preserving the part’s original corrosion resistance. Surfaces that benefit are: Phosphate steel, galvanized, chromate conversion treated stainless steel, and ceramic. After the surface is coated with CHEMITAC 7D, a top-layer adhesive can be chosen based on the desired rubber compound to be used.

ChemSpec chose CHEMITAC 7D as a product spotlight because of its many benefits to manufacturers:

  • Ready to use solution
  • Chemical and corrosion resistance benefits
  • Cost savings by eliminating grit-blasting process
  • Proven track-record for bonding silicone elastomers (VMQ) to metals, plastics, and textile fibers
  • A heavy metals free product - good for the environment
  • Complies with ASTM D429 & European Regulations 2000/53/EC

ChemSpec, Ltd. is a Uniontown, Ohio-based chemical distribution firm. ChemSpec is a subsidiary of Paris,     France-based Safic-Alcan. ChemSpec, Ltd. also has a Mexican subsidiary (ChemSpec MÉXICO). ChemSpec distributes specialty and commodity chemical additives and specialty polymers into the North American elastomer mixing industry, as well as coatings, adhesive/sealant, inks, plastics and cosmetics compounding market segments.

For more information on CHEMITAC product lines and the company in general, contact our dedicated customer service team at: 800.200.4753.