ACE Products & Consulting Names ChemSpec Exclusive Distributor Of Its Silicone Additives Product Range

UNIONTOWN, OH— CHEMSPEC, LTD. and ACE PRODUCTS & CONSULTING recently entered into a distribution arrangement so that ChemSpec will now be ACE Product’s exclusive distributor into the North American silicone compounding market. Further, the President of ACE, Erick Sharp, brings an extensive background in technical consulting to silicone and organic rubber compounding, which ChemSpec intends to leverage in creating opportunities for ACE’s product line.  ACE’s product line, along with Erick’s in-depth understanding of silicone manufacturing, will allow ChemSpec to deliver solutions to the silicone market and gain better traction in that market segment. 

Dave Moreland, ChemSpec’s President said the following about the relationship:

We’re very excited to have Erick and his company’s product line officially on-board with ChemSpec. Silicone production and compounding, as an industry, is growing   like never before, and ChemSpec—while already active in that market—we know     this new relationship with Erick and ACE, will be a major springboard to help grow   our market share in that manufacturing space.

ACE’s product line concentrates entirely on silicone compounding.  Most all of its products are in dispersion form, which allows for several positive benefits while compounding silicone versus using just the base chemistry without placing the product on a silicone carrier.  Some of its products include, but certainly are not limited to: peroxide dispersions, blowing agent dispersions, stearate dispersions, metal oxide dispersions, silane dispersions, etc.  Erick had this to say about the new relationship and ACE’s capabilities:

I’m excited to be working with a well-respected specialty chemical distributor like ChemSpec. They do a very good job of acting as a liaison between me and the end-user, so that ACE can ensure its materials are being used in the best way possible. ChemSpec also allows ACE to reach customers where we would likely have difficulty getting in front of, such as Mexican and Canadian silicone compounders. I believe this relationship will work incredibly well as we grow ACE’s share of the market together.

ACE also has its own R&D facilities so it is able to conduct its own physical analysis of end silicone and other organic elastomer products.  Using these resources, ACE and ChemSpec are able to support technically their shared customer base.

ACE continues to maintain its own consulting services, to help promote its product line and to give compounders technical advice on improving and/or testing their elastomer products. 

ChemSpec distributes specialty chemical additives and specialty polymers into the North American elastomer mixing industry, as well as coatings, adhesive/sealant, plastics, and cosmetics compounding market segments. All of ChemSpec’s products are competitively priced and backed by a customer service support team that is unparalleled in the industry.

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Erick Sharp, President,   ACE Prods. & Consult.

Erick Sharp, President, ACE Prods. & Consult.