UNIONTOWN, OH--Did you know that CHEMSPEC, LTD. is the exclusive North American PE Wax distributor for well-respected German producer, Deurex AG? If you don't, maybe you should--DEUREX has technologically advanced manufacturing processes, such as High-Pressure Polymerization and the Ziegler-Natta Polymerization Method.  The company also possesses sophisticated R&D labs and technical resources. Their products can also come in many different forms: granules, fine granules, powder, fine powders, water-borne emulsions, etc.

Recently, with DEUREX's support, ChemSpec conducted technical studies illustrating that these PE waxes work exceptionally well in many industrial compounding segments. Further, based on ChemSpec's own market research, we've found that DEUREX's pricing is below that of competing PE Wax products.

For more information on ChemSpec's DEUREX PE Wax studies, or information on other DEUREX products (such as Sugar Cane Waxes, Hybrid Waxes, Amide Waxes and PP Waxes), please reach-out to your respective sales representative, or visit our website:

PE Waxes are used in many different industrial applications, including but certainly not limited to, elastomer compounding, wire/cable production, and thermoplastic and plastic masterbatch production.

Please note some of ChemSpec's most popular DEUREX PE Wax products below: