ChemSpec is actively distributing several lines of magnesia products

By Chris Wagner, ChemSpec Sales Coordinator


ChemSpec is pleased to announce several new, high quality magnesia products. Working directly with several world-class magnesia suppliers, we are able to provide optimum grades of Magnesium Oxide (MgO) (and other magnesia products) for all of your processing requirements. ChemSpec is providing a wide range of surface area and particle size magnesia to address the needs of both the small custom mixer to the large scale blending operation. After the development of polychloroprene, MgO became, and remains, a critical ingredient in synthetic rubber manufacturing.  High quality, high surface area MgO is a key processing ingredient to provide scorch protection and acid adsorption in rubber formulations. To meet the demanding requirements of the rubber grade MgO industry, ChemSpec has invested in its technical service resources to help customers with their conversion and processing concerns. This includes the hiring of Anthony Mariniello.  Anthony, a long-time veteran of the magnesia industry, brings a wealth of experience and technical knowledge to ChemSpec.  Anthony serves as ChemSpec’s Product Specialist, and is available to provide advice on various MgO technical applications (and other magnesia product applications). MgO is used in a multitude of rubber manufacturing applications, such as a filler, an anti-scorch ingredient, as a pigment, an acid acceptor, and as a curing aid.  It is also used in many other industrial manufacturing applications: plastics, glass, ceramics, steel, sugar refining, coatings, electrical, foundries, construction, etc.