ChemSpec distributes a next generation physical peptizer / process aid for rubber mixing

By Chris Ryan, ChemSpec Technical Account Specialist


ChemSpec has introduced a next generation physical peptizer/ process aid from Performance Additives, Sdn. This revolutionary product is named Ultraflow 440. UF 440 is a reaction blend of mixed metal soaps.   UF 440 Performs well in both natural and synthetic elastomers. UF 440 performs well to improve filler dispersion; particularly well with “white” fillers. The UF 440 overcomes “filler reticulation” to keep silica from forming secondary agglomeration during the mixing process. UF 440 performs well in both sulfur and peroxide vulcanization, while maintaining good scorch safety and better reversion resistance. After the final mixing process, UF 440 is designed to stabilize compound viscosity—even after several days—allowing for lower viscosity until the final production process. UF 440 also improved rubber molding and extrusion characteristics. Further, Ultraflow 440 is sanctioned by the FDA pursuant to 21 CFR §177.2600. For more detailed information, please contact myself or your respective sales representative.