ChemSpec to Host Several Distributors at Its Cleveland Rubber Show Booth

ChemSpec Rubber Show Booth Sketch

ChemSpec Rubber Show Booth Sketch

ChemSpec is excited to announce that it will have five (5) exclusive suppliers exhibiting at its International Elastomer Conference Booth in Cleveland this year (Oct. 13-15).

The 5 suppliers are:

  • Jingzhou Jianghan Fine Chemical Co (“JHSi”)—one of the largest producers of silane coupling agents in Asia, located in Hubei Province, China;
  • Repsol—An international petroleum manufacturing company, based out of Madrid, Spain, who produces microcrystalline waxes and process oils (TDAE / RAE);
  • Performance Additives—A Malaysian-based rubber process aids / internal lubricant and accelerator producer, who has manufacturing plants in the U.S., Malaysia, and Italy;
  • Münch Chemie International—A German-based mold release, external lubricant, and tire paints producer; and
  • Hoffmann Mineral—A German-based company that mines, refines, and treats a mineral called Neurburg Silicious Earth (“NSE”), which is a high-performance filler in various types of rubber recipes.

Please contact Marketing Director Chris Wagner to set-up a meeting during the Rubber Show with ChemSpec and/or one of these exceptional suppliers.  (