ChemSpec, Ltd. distributor for Hydro technologies active zinc oxides

ChemSpec, Ltd. is authorized distributor for active grades of zinc oxide for Hydro Technologies. Established in 1996, Hydro Technologies (Canada) Inc. is a Quebec-based company that manufactures two chemicals: liquid sodium hydrosulfite (SHS) and zinc oxide. It was the first Canadian plant to produce these two products from the same chemical reaction, making it a pioneer in this field. Based in Quebec metro high tech park, the plant is strategically located in the heart of the North American paper market.

Active ZnO Applications:

In many applications, grades with high specific surface area allow more than remarkable savings because of their high reactivity and their excellent dispersion and fluidity properties.

The principal advantages of active zinc oxides are listed below:

  • Reduced ZnO usage in rubber applications with equal performance

  • Very high level of activity, even in very low concentrations

  • High level of purity: very low heavy metal content

  • Increased production capacity

  • Improved physical properties

  • Better resistance to compression set

  • Better aging resistance

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Trade Name


ZnO HT-10
ZnO HT-Active