ChemSpec, Ltd. distributor for SAFIC-ALCAN for rubbermakers sulfur

SAFIC-ALCAN®, International distribution group of specialty chemicals, is present today all throughout Western Europe. A historical leader in the rubber market, the group continues its development in Coatings and Fine Chemicals, by strengthening or gaining new positions. In 2018, SAFIC-ALCAN underwent a re-branding campaign. This re-branding affects both the industrial performance and cosmetics products.

SAFIC-ALCAN is the parent company of ChemSpec, Ltd. ChemSpec, Ltd. is the distribution firm for their North American market. SAFIC-ALCAN, through ChemSpec, distributes world class specialty chemical products for the Rubber and Plastics markets with their branded products:






Rubbermakers Sulfur is primarily used as a vulcanizing agent in the manufacturing of rubber products. When used as a rubber additive, it has the ability to retain tensile strength, elongation, and hardness without dissolving.

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