ChemSpec, Ltd. distributor for SAFIC-ALCAN

SAFIC-ALCAN®, International distribution group of specialty chemicals, is present today all throughout Western Europe. A historical leader in the rubber market, the group continues its development in Coatings and Fine Chemicals, by strengthening or gaining new positions. In 2018, SAFIC-ALCAN underwent a re-branding campaign. This re-branding affects both the industrial performance and cosmetics products.

SAFIC-ALCAN is the parent company of ChemSpec, Ltd. ChemSpec, Ltd. is the distribution firm for their North American market. SAFIC-ALCAN, through ChemSpec, distributes world class specialty chemical products for the Rubber and Plastics markets with their branded products:






SKI-3-S is a synthetic rubber of Russian origin. Its chemical structure, physical structure, and basic engineering properties are similar to natural rubber and can be blended with natural rubber and most other rubbers. It is used in a wide array of rubber articles including tire, tubes, and hoses. SKI-3-S is Latex free.

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