ChemSpec, Ltd. is distributor for INEOS PEG 3350 and PEG 4000

ChemSpec, Ltd. is authorized distributor for INEOS’s propylene glycol products. INEOS Oxide is a proven leader in ethylene and propylene based specialty and intermediate chemicals.

INEOS Oxide produces a comprehensive range of specialty and intermediate chemicals derived from ethylene and propylene oxide. It is a proven leader, with a strong track record of product quality, engineering excellence and innovation. By combining plant scale and reliability, with strategic sites in both Europe and USA focus on continually improving cost structures, technologies and SHE initiatives.


PEG or polyethylene glycol waxes are used in a great variety of applications because of their chemical structure, low toxicity, solubility in water and lubricating properties. They provide flexibility in choosing properties to meet the requirements of many different applications. In the rubber industry, they serve as heat transfer agents, mold release agents, rubber compounders, lubricants, and pigment carriers.

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