ChemSpec, Ltd. distributor for Cray Valley Poly bd 600E and 6005E

ChemSpec, Ltd. is authorized distributor in North America for Poly bd 600E and 605E. Total Cray Valley is a Global manufacturer of specialty low molecular weight functional additives based on a variety of unique chemistries. Included are functional diene-based polymers, styrene maleic anhydride copolymers, (meth)acrylate functional metallic monomers, and aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbon resins based on C5 and C9 feed streams that can serve a wide variety of applications in the adhesives, rubber and thermoplastics industries. They work closely with  customers, and their ambition is to offer solutions that best fulfill the latest needs of the markets in which they operate. 

ChemSpec, Ltd. authorized distributor for CRAY VALLEY Poly bd 600E and 605E


Poly bd is a Hydroxy terminated epoxidized polybutadiene resin. The only difference between Poly bd 600E and 605E is the UV protection. The 605E offers UV protection for coatings.

It is used in the following markets:

  • Adhesives

  • Coatings - automotive and electronic

  • Flexibilization of epoxy systems

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