Performance Products Catalog

Our Performance Products Division is the business segment that houses the products that ChemSpec promoted before joining the Safic-Alcan family of companies and forming a Cosmetics Division. These products are typically called specialty polymers and industrial additives. On this webpage, you will find our products that we promote and sell into what’s called the C.A.S.E. manufacturing industries, which is an acronym for Coatings, Adhesives / Sealants, and Elastomers. These products are also popular in thermoplastic and ink compounding.

Antioxidants & Misc. Flame Retardent

6PPD, IPPD,TMQ, Alchem (MBPA, EW100, EW3100)
Alchem REC


Vulcofac (TAC, TAIC, HDC), Ofalub STA


Butyl Rubber, Medium Molecular Weight PIB
High Molecular Weight PIB, Polyisoprene (SKI 3-S)

Ester Plasticizers

AlcanPlastTM (Phthalates, Non-Phthalate, Sebacates, Adipates, Trimellitates, ESO, EPO, Monomeric Esters)

dow chemical - WALSRODER™

WALSRODER™ Nitrocellulose and WALSRODER™ NC-Chip

Performance-Additives, SDN. Processing Aids

Ultra-Blend, Ultra-Flow, Ultra-Lube, Ultra-Pep, Ultra-Plast, Ofalub SEO

JHSi Silane Coupling Agents

Amino, Sulfur, Vinyl, Oligomer, Acyl, Epoxy, Alkyl, Phenyl

PNC Chemical Foaming Agents & Kickers

Celution (OBS/OBST, TM, BM)

Innovo Chemical Ltd. (UK) Products

Calcium Oxide, Calcium Hydroxide (Innovox)

Rubber Accelerators

Mercaptos, Guanidines, Sulfenamides, Dithiocarbamates (Perkacit®) Thiurams, Perkacit® TBzTD, Vulcofac (ACT-55, DBU-70, CLD-MB-80, ZAP, ZDTP, TiBTD), Nitrosamine-Free & Noncarcinogenic Accelerators


CHEMITAC adhesives

Magnesia Products

Mag Oxide, Mag Hydroxide

Zinc Oxide

Regular Zinc Oxide, Specialty Grades of Large Surface Area Zinc Oxide (Hydro Technologies, HT-Active)

Hoffmann Mineral Functional Fillers

Sillitin / Aktisil

Repsol Petroleum-derived Waxes (Microcrystaline)

Redezon (Ozone Protection)


Rubber Industry (Polyethylene Waxes):  Deurex E 12, Deurex E 11, Deurex E 10, Fischer-Tropsch Wax:  Deurex T 39, Sugar Cane Wax:  Deurex X 50, Hybrid Waxes:  Deurex H 72, Deurex H 83

Insoluble Sulfur

(Oriental Carbon & Chemical Ltd.)

Polyethylene Glycol

3350, 4000, 6000


Peroxide Dispersion, Blowing Agent Dispersion, Urea Activator Dispersion, Boron Nitride Dispersion, Calcium Stearate Dispersion, Zinc Stearate Dispersion, Magnesium Oxide Dispersion, Silane Dispersion, Calcium Oxide Dispersion, and many more!

Muench-Chemie Mold Releases & External Lubricants