ChemSpec, Ltd. distributor for REPSOL paraffin microcrystalline waxes

ChemSpec, Ltd. is authorized distributor for Repsol’s macrocrystalline, microcrystalline, and paraffin waxes for Rubber. Repsol is energy. Energy is essential for future development, and Repsol is energy Today. Repsol contributes to the well being of millions of people all over the world through exploration, production, refining, transport and distribution of hydrocarbon-based products.

ChemSpec, Ltd. distributor for Repsol waxes


Repsol produces top-quality compounds for a wide variety of applications for tires, dyes, asphalts, cables, and more. REDEZON Rubber waxes provide increased protection in rubber tires. REDEZON is a wax derived from petroleum that acts as a physical anti-ozonoant in unsaturated rubber mixtures.

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