ChemSpec, Ltd. distributor for Synthomer Liquid Polybutadienes

ChemSpec, Ltd. is distributor for Synthomer’s Lithene brand of liquid polybutadienes. Synthomer develops and markets polymers used in a wide range of industries to create and enhance everyday consumer products. Whether you’re reading a book, opening a pack of breakfast cereals, painting your kitchen, labeling an envelope, laying a carpet, tiling a bathroom or simply driving the car, you could be using a product that has been improved by their scientists. They hold positions 1, 2 or 3 in all of their chosen markets and have a proven record to generate added value to customers through in-depth application know-how and strong R&D support. Synthomer delivers the right formula, globally, individually.


Synthomer’s Lithene products are 100% active, highly unsaturated, liquid polybutadienes available in a range of molecular weights and micro-structures. They are reactive, viscous liquids, have excellent low temperature flexibility, high electrical resistance and are very hydrophobic. Their excellent compatibility with hydrocarbon solvents and many rubbers makes them extremely versatile in a variety of ambient, UV and heat curable applications. Maleic anhydride grafting additonally allows the liquid polybutadienes to react with amines and polyols, while increasing polarity to enhance adhesion direct to metal. Lithenes are widely used for: 

  • Sulphur cured flexible automotive sealants.

  • Direct to metal adhesion promotors for the automotive industry.

  • Sulphur or peroxide curable co-agents in rubber and TPEs.

  • Electrical potting resins.

  • Reactive plasticisers in rubber compounds.

  • Solvent coating defoaming additives.

  • Non volatile reactive coating diluents

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