ChemSpec, Ltd. distributor for Hoffman Mineral Neuburg Siliceous Earth fillers

ChemSpec, Ltd. is distributor for Hoffman Mineral products. Hoffmann Mineral is the one of the most innovative suppliers of fillers in the market. Based out of Neuburg Germany, Hoffmann Mineral is involved in mining, and the refining of Neuburg Siliceous Earth.


Classic Neuburg Siliceous Earth is a natural combination of corpuscular, cryptocrystalline and amorphous silica and lamellar kaolinite: a loose mixture impossible to separate by physical methods. As a result of natural aging, the silica portion exhibits a round grain shape and consists of aggregated, cryptocrystalline primary particles of about 200 nm diameter which are coated partially opallike. Such a unique structure is responsible for a relatively high specific surface area and oil absorption, which result, besides rheological activity, also in a whole range of application properties.

  • Automotive

  • Machine and Equipment Construction

  • Cable and Electrical Industry

  • Construction Industry

  • Silicone Rubber Compounds

  • FKM Compounds

  • Pharmaceutical closures

  • Shoe Components

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Trade Name

Sillitin: Untreated

Skillikolloid (ALL GRADES) 

Aktisil: Silane Treated