ChemSpec, ltd. distributor for BIMA 83 Sepisol Solvent Dyes

ChemSpec, Ltd. is distributor for BIMA 83 Sepisol solvent dyes. There is a fundamental difference between a pigment and a dye. Pigments are not soluble in a liquid, whereas dyes are. BIMA 83 has been manufacturing solvent dyes for over 40 years.

ChemSpec, Ltd. distributor for BIMA 83 solvent dyes and pigments

All the dyes used in the writing instruments come from the general dye industry. On the whole, there are no products designed for use in our business. This means that we have to adapt and to purify the commercial dyes to the standards of our industry, which is an exacting task.

ChemSpec distributes their SEPISOL brand of solvent-based dyes.


  • Ballpoint, Highlighter, Permanent Marker Inks

  • DIN Inks

  • Fineliner Inks

  • Fibre Pen Inks

  • Board Marker Inks

  • Security Inks

  • Stamping Inks

  • Continuous Inkjet Inks

  • Printing Inks

  • Paper Dyeing

  • Pigment Stabilizer

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