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ChemSpec’s Product Spotlight – Synthomer’s LitheneActiV® 1000

LitheneActiV® 1000 - Less Mixing, Better Compound

ChemSpec, Ltd. represents Synthomer’s line of Lithene® liquid polybutadienes for the North American market. Synthomer is known globally for its aqueous polymers across many different manufacturing market segments.

Synthomer’s Lithene manufacturing facility located in Stallingborough, UK

Synthomer’s Lithene manufacturing facility located in Stallingborough, UK

The Company’s headquarters is in London, UK. Synthomer’s manufacturing facility for their liquid polybutadienes is located in Stallingborough, UK. It produces these 100% active, highly unsaturated liquid polybutadienes in a range of molecular weights and micro-structures. These products provide enhanced quality and performance across a broad range of applications, including automotive sealants, mold release coatings and defoaming coating additives. In rubbers, they improve mixing and act as type II coagents. In addition, these polymers have very low VOC’s, excellent low temperature profiles, and can be cured thru vulcanization.  

Product Spotlight

ChemSpec chose to highlight Synthomer’s LitheneActiV 1000 product as it was designed specifically for modification of both peroxide and sulfur cured elastomers. Recent independent testing of these products in elastomer compounds, showed the benefits of the Lithene® range in general and LitheneActiV 1000 in particular:

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The LitheneActiV 1000 product is non- hazardous, environmentally safe and reduces leaching versus basic process oils.  

ChemSpec’ s Marketing & Law Director, Chris Wagner, explains: “The benefits of using the LitheneActiV 1000 are obvious when reviewing Synthomer’s recent laboratory studies, and we look forward to presenting this product to our customers.”  For more information on the full range of Synthomer’s Lithene product line and the company in general, contact our experienced customer service team at: 800.200.4753.


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