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Product Spotlight - Enhance Durability with Zinc Oxide 325

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ChemSpec, Ltd. represents ZOCHEM’s high quality zinc oxides.  Recently, Zinc Oxide LLC acquired the Canadian company, Zochem, American Zinc Recycling Corp., and together will now be collectively known just as ZOCHEM. The company is now the largest producer of zinc oxide in North America with capacity of 95,000 MT  and its headquarters is in Dickson, Tennessee. The Dickson facility is state-of-the art and the newest zinc oxide production facility on earth! ZOCHEM’s executive leadership team has more than 250 years total of experience in zinc oxide manufacturing.

Examples of 325 finely sieved mesh

Examples of 325 finely sieved mesh

Product Spotlight

ChemSpec chose to focus on processing equipment for this Product Spot- light (in lieu of a specific product). The new equipment in the Dickson facility results in significantly improved 325 fine sieve mesh product, and we are highlighting it because of its advantages versus other products - these ad- vantages include:

 ● Pneumatic conveying - reducing hard  particles allowing for  optimal durability

 ● State-of-the-art cartridge filters - reducing contaminants

 ● Product Ranges of:  High purity, treated, high & low surface area, USP, and pellets                                       

ZOCHEM’s Director of Technology, John Stourac, explains:

Poor quality of Zinc Oxide 325 mesh results in oversize contamination can cause inclusions in rubber, tears in thin rubber/seals, and surface voids/holes on polished/ground rubber surfaces. In paint and coating, poor 325 mesh quality allows for low performing Hegman grind and creates visual particulates in sprays and thin film finishes. In life science applications, it causes grit in cosmetic foundations and zinc oxide ointments. In chemicals, poor 325’s cause holes in thin film plastic or become visual particulate inclusions. We are very proud of our efforts to make a significant improvement in zinc oxide quality and set a global benchmark.           

Ed Smith, ZOCHEM’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing adds that, “since our Zinc Oxide 325 benefits are designed in all of our grades, we have no added cost to our customers for this quality improvement in processing.”

For more information on Zinc Oxide LLC’s (ZOCHEM) product lines and the company in general, visit our website at: ChemSpecltd.com, or contact our experienced customer service team at: 800.200.4753.


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