ChemSpec Solutions - VULCOFAC® ACT55 - A Proven Winner!



VULCOFAC® ACT55 - A Proven Winner in Eliminating Guanidine in AEM/ACM Compounds

Safic-Alcan’s VULCOFAC ACT55 is a product solution for an accelerator crosslinker without the harmful carcinogen guanidine. It is a tertiary amine complex absorbed on a silica carrier (70% tertiary amine complex and 30% amorphous silica).  

The VULCOFAC ACT55 acts as a powerful Lewis base with a high catalytic effect. It was originally developed for use in ethylene acrylate copolymers with acidic pending groups. It activates the reaction between acidic groups and diamine crosslinkers.

Safic-Alcan has established ACT55 to be REACH compliant and ChemSpec is the exclusive distributor for the North American market.  

In addition, VULCOFAC ACT55 can be used as an accelerator in combination with a primary diamine to cure AEM and ACM terpolymers (with some compound adjustments necessary to meet their property compounds based on DOTG). 

“Our customers have a great advantage using the VULCOFAC ACT55 as it significantly improves heat aging and enhances their REACH portfolio. ” explains Dave Moreland, President & CEO of ChemSpec, Ltd.


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