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UNIONTOWN, OH— October 11, 2017 - CHEMSPEC, LTD. and SPHERIX® MINERAL PRODUCTS recently entered into a distribution arrangement so that ChemSpec is now a distributor for the Dispersix™ brand of HCR silicone processing additives. ChemSpec will represent Spherix in both the USA and México.

Partnering with Spherix Mineral Products further allows ChemSpec to deliver enhanced solutions to the silicone compounding market. Dispersix is a growing family of hybrid inorganic-organic microspheres that are optimized for HCR silicone cure chemistry. The Dispersix product line offers new and improved technical solutions in the processing and overall performance of silica-reinforced HCR compounds. These materials are ideal for easy to engineer value-added property gains without significant changes in overall physical properties. Dispersix offers the following benefits: reduced mixing time and energy consumption; higher mixing, extrusion, and molding rates; and greater product uniformity.

Not only are these products innovative from a performance standpoint, but they are also derived from recycled fly ash and use very little energy in production. The fact that these products are sustainable materials, especially when compared to many other chemical additives in the marketplace, is an important distinction.

Dave Moreland, ChemSpec’s President, said the following about the new partnership:

We are excited to partner with Spherix Mineral Products and represent their Dispersix silicone additives line. Their innovative processing and technical support is what our customers need to continue to grow and expand their markets. Whenever we can build a relationship with a supplier that serves our customers with unique solutions and improvements to age-old manufacturing challenges, we do our absolute best to take advantage of the opportunity. We think the Spherix Team and their products can do this in many different ways. Part of our Mission Statement is ‘to maintain a business posture adaptable to the changes and opportunities’ in the polymer compounding industry. I’m happy to say that I believe this supplier and product line will help us continue to satisfy this requirement from both technical and environmental stewardship perspective.

Spherix Mineral Products manufactures and markets 100% post-industrial recycled mineral products that reduce processing time and product cost of organic rubber, plastic, and silicone rubber.  A Division of The SEFA Group, Spherix Mineral Products is built on SEFA’s foundation of willingness to serve customers with its 40-year heritage of integrity, excellence, safety and unsurpassed service to its customers. These qualities are part of what attracted ChemSpec to Spherix Mineral Products.

ChemSpec, Ltd. is a Uniontown, Ohio-based management-owned chemical distribution firm. ChemSpec is a subsidiary of Paris, France-based Safic-Alcan. ChemSpec also has a Mexican subsidiary (ChemSpec MÉXICO). ChemSpec distributes specialty and commodity chemical additives and specialty polymers into the North American elastomer mixing industry, as well as coatings, adhesive/sealant, inks, plastics and cosmetics compounding market segments. All of ChemSpec’s products are competitively priced and backed by a customer service support team that is unparalleled in the industry.

For more information on Dispersix product lines and ChemSpec in general, contact our dedicated customer service team at: 800.200.4753 or visit our website at: