Maersk Shipping

Cyber Attack Hits Maersk Line

Reuters (Teis Jensen) reported late last week that Maersk Line, Danish-owned and the world’s largest container shipper, stated its computer systems were hit by the global Petya cyber-attack, causing problems with processing orders and delaying cargo shipments. 

Reuters reported the cyber-attack has disrupted businesses world-wide and has created congestion in 76 ports; including the United States, India, Spain, and the Netherlands.

Reuters continues to communicate that the impact is affecting vessels or cargo loaded from June 26 through June 28 2017.  They have made alternate changes to process orders manually and communicating with customers daily.   The good news is that no data has been lost and Maersk has been working to resume normal operations quickly to all of the ports that have been affected.

ChemSpec’s VP of Operations, Jon Sias, is on top of communications with suppliers who are affected by this delay and we are committed to keeping all of our customers informed of any new outcomes.  Should you have any concerns, please feel free to contact our customer service department toll-free at:  800.200.4753 or via email: