ChemSpec Product Spotlight- New Pre-Dispersed Sulfur Provides Excellent Dispersion


ChemSpec introduces OCCL’s (Oriental Carbon and Chemicals Ltd.) newest Sulfur innovation, DIAMIX, to North American markets. OCCL  is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Insoluble Sulfur with two manufacturing plants in India. The DIAMIX product line is a pre-dispersed Sulfur, engineered to optimize cure packages for rubber compounding. 


Product Spotlight

To start, OCCL will be producing a few variations of DIAMIX:   A polymer (SBR, EPDM) bound Insoluble Sulfur as well as a polymer bound rubber makers Sulfur. DIAMIX is specially designed for both natural and synthetic rubber (NBR, EPDM, etc. ) formulations where dispersion of traditional powdered Sulfur can pose a challenge. The DIAMIX products provide many benefits such as:

  • Faster incorporation in rubber mixing, providing excellent homogeneous dispersion levels;
  • DIAMIX Insoluble Sulfur and Sulfur are thermally more stable & electro-statically inert than their powder counterparts;
  • Easy, dust free handling for manual and automated feeding systems - Promotes better productivity by allowing larger batch sizes while reducing cycle times;
  • Stain-free Sulfur for bright colored compounds

OCCL has launched several Diamix products to meet the processing needs for elastomer applications.  


John Stephenson, ChemSpec’s Product Manager for the OCCL’s lines has seen the excitement first hand on how these new products will improve customer productivity.  John explains;  “The DIAMIX line is a great solution for any rubber compounder striving to optimize their process to consistently mix better, faster, and most importantly safer.”

For more information on the DIAMIX product lines contact John Stephenson directly at:


ChemSpec, Ltd. is a Uniontown, Ohio-based chemical distribution firm. ChemSpec is subsidiary of Paris, France-based Safic-Alcan.  ChemSpec, Ltd.  also has a Mexican subsidiary (ChemSpec MÉXICO).  ChemSpec distributes specialty and commodity chemical additives and specialty polymers into the North American elastomer mixing industry, as well as coatings, adhesive/sealant, inks, plastics, waxes, functional fillers, and cosmetics market segments.