In-Cosmetics North America

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ChemSpec will be present at the in-cosmetics North America show on October 11th and 12th at the Javits Center in New York City. We encourage everyone to stop at our Booth #E32 to discover our innovative ingredients and prototypes!

We will be showcasing a lot of products, including:

Our famous prototypes - 3 concepts developed with our Safalgin, Gelinnov Easy and Safalgan Iota

* Wait & Glow: peel-off mask kit with a creamy gel and activator spray in 3 versions - anti-aging, moisturizing and brightening (multi-masking)

* Outlying Crystal: instant fresh mattifying cream-gel with a powder and a lotion to shake together to get the final whipped cream texture (transforming texture)

* Miss Scarlet: long-lasting water-based red lip ink

Our Texture Bar - 7 textures made with our water thickening and gelling agents

A Fresh translucent gel scrub, a Solid clear molded gel scrub, a Clear flashy Jell-O, a Peel-off clear gel kit, a Chocolate pudding, a Solid and elastic cooling molded gel and a Clear shimmering mist spray!

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GEM 2-EHP from our partner Eastman

High quality ester for use in skin care, sunscreen, and color cosmetics applications with the added benefit of sustainable manufacturing, guided by the U.S. EPA's Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry.

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Jew'Oils from our partner Biolie

Natural oil-soluble colorants; Biolie's exclusive enzymatic maceration technology is able to color all types of vegetable oils.

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Sensicare Nat, FP1, FP2 from our partner Chemipol

Preservative-free antimicrobial and multifunctional cocktails; Sensicare Nat is also 100% natural and Ecocert + Cosmos certified.

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Plant waters from our partner Herbarom

100% Natural and sustainable oils and actives from our partner Citroleo

And more!!