Performance Additive's K P Ho Symposium Speaker at 2017 IEC

ChemSpec, Ltd. is announcing Performance Additive's K P Ho as a symposium speaker at this year's annual International Elastomer's Conference in Cleveland, Ohio at the Huntington Convention Center. 

K P Ho, Technical Director, Performance Additives of Malaysia

K P Ho, Technical Director, Performance Additives of Malaysia

K P Ho, Technical Director at Performance Additives of Malaysia will present on the topic “New Development in Processing Additives for the Modern Rubber Industry” on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 from 2:00pm – 2:30pm located in Room 25C.  K P ’s symposium topic enhances the mixing and processing technology with a new development with a zinc soap application.  “Metal fatty acid soaps predominantly zinc soaps have been proven to be very effective as lubricant for almost all types of rubber compounds. Besides, zinc soaps help to improve carbon black dispersion, compound flow and ease mold release to certain extent. However, the major drawback from zinc soaps is its negative influence to the cure rate of rubber compounds. Such phenomenon is undesirable and uneconomical. Performance Additives has established a new series of processing additives under the trade name of ULTRA-DFR™ which besides enhancing the dispersion of both carbon black and mineral fillers used in modern rubber industry; improving the flow and release properties of most rubber compounds, it also overcomes the deficits from conventional zinc soaps as mentioned above. DFR in short represents – Dispersion Flow, & Release” explains K P Ho. 

K P studied Rubber and Plastics Technology in Singapore where he graduated as a Rubber and Plastics Technologist in 1974. After his studies he started as Planning and Control Manager in a calendering plant, later appointed factory manager for adhesive tapes manufacturing in Singapore. In 1987, KP left production sector to join commercial field as technical sales executive in a Netherlands Trading House. Besides, since 1980 he also conducted lectures for evening classes in Rubber Technology at the Singapore Polytechnic, until he joined Struktol (Schill + Seilacher) as a Technical Adviser in June 1988. By then, K P was very active with the Plastics and Rubber Institution of Singapore (PRIS) and elected by the Institution as Associate Member (AMPRIS) in 1995.

After serving the Rubber Industries for 12 years in the Asia Pacific region, K P decided to join Performance Additives in 1999 – A manufacturing plant for Specialty Chemicals (Processing Additives). Performance Additives may be a new name in the polymer world, but its’ Principals have a long history of world proven expertise and strong customer relationship throughout the years. Performance Additives believes in Research and Development, as well as cutting edge production to ensure that the end users get excellent products and services at all times.

ChemSpec’s team encourages all attendees at the show to take the time to reserve their seat for this innovative new product presentation by K P.  “ChemSpec is an exclusive distributor for Performance Additives, and in addition,  both companies share the same vision and culture to continue to provide quality and innovative products for the tire industry” explains Dave Moreland, ChemSpec’s President and CEO.

Stop at ChemSpec’s Booth #1349 and visit their staff and suppliers who will be there to provide solutions or discuss new ideas with the experienced technical and sales teams of ChemSpec, Performance Additives (Rubber Process Aids & Dithiocarbamates), Repsol (Microcrystalline Waxes & Process Oils), Innovo (Innovox Calcium Oxide/Hydroxide), Synthomer (Polybutadiene Chemistry), Hoffman Mineral (NSE Functional Fillers), and Deurex Wax (PE, Sugar, Hybrid, Fischer Tropsch Waxes).

ChemSpec, Ltd and Performance Additives, Inc. have partnered to provide a customer/supplier hospitality event (a.k.a. "after show" party) on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 from 6:30pm - 11:00pm at the Wild Eagle Saloon.  The ChemSpec staff is preparing a fun social media night with great food, entertainment, refreshments, prizes, and opportunities to connect using photo tags on various social media platforms with the hashtags of:  #connectwithchemspec, #rubberexpo2017, #booth1349

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For more information about the 2017 International Elastomers Conference, contact Chris Wagner, Law & Marketing Director at:  or you can reach his cell at:  330.958.4316.