ChemSpec Enhances Quality Department with Addition of FTIR Equipment

When you talk about differentiation, you think of ChemSpec, Ltd.  Why?  Because the team at ChemSpec continues to find ways to bring value to their customers versus the competition.  Due to our significant sales growth, ChemSpec’s President and CEO, Dave Moreland, wanted another way to bring value to the market place with a more diversely trained technical department.  Quality and ISO Manager, M. Scho Wolers, has been a significant part of ChemSpec’s growth providing our sales teams with the technical information needed to bring products to our customers.  

Most recently, Scho teamed up with ACE Products and Consulting to develop an exclusive lab for utilizing FTIR equipment for chemical analysis.  Scho explains:  “Investing in the FTIR equipment means many opportunities for our customers.  This equipment will allow us to test product that has arrived from our suppliers, provide IR curve reports to our customers in a timely fashion, and the ability to work on new product development for customers who are leaning on our technical guidance.”

The FTIR equipment is an infrared spectroscopy that provides an easier way to identify the presence of certain functional groups in a molecule for organic chemistry.  In addition, the analysis can also use the unique collection of absorption bands to confirm the identity of a pure compound or to detect the presence of specific impurities.  

Along with the enhancement of ChemSpec’s quality department with the FTIR equipment, Scho is also managing our annual ISO and NACD membership.

ChemSpec is an ISO certified (through Perry Johnson Registrars & ANAB Accredidation) chemical distributor with an in-house quality control department managed by Scho.  Dave Moreland explains:  “By having Scho manage our day-to-day requirements for ISO certification, we are able to continue to provide our customers with quality products from quality suppliers.”  The ISO certificate is available on our website for review or download.  

ChemSpec is a candidate for membership with the National Association of Chemical Distributors.  We are looking forward to the rewards and benefits the NACD brings enabling us to strengthen our current and future partnerships and our sustainability practices. 


ChemSpec, Ltd. is a Uniontown, Ohio-based chemical distribution firm. ChemSpec is subsidiary of Paris, France-based Safic-Alcan.  ChemSpec, Ltd.  also has a Mexican subsidiary (ChemSpec MÉXICO).  ChemSpec distributes specialty and commodity chemical additives and specialty polymers into the North American elastomer mixing industry, as well as coatings, adhesive/sealant, inks, plastics, waxes, and cosmetics market segments.