ChemSpec's Anthony Mariniello Attends ACS' Technical Meeting

ChemSpec's Anthony Mariniello, Technical Sales Manager 

ChemSpec's Anthony Mariniello, Technical Sales Manager 

Recently ChemSpec’s Anthony Mariniello was hard at work at the 191st Technical Meeting for the American Chemical Society’s Rubber Division in Beachwood, Ohio.  Currently, Anthony serves as the Marketing Committee Chair for ACS’s Rubber Division.

ChemSpec, Ltd. has been partnering with ACS’s Rubber Division for decades.  It is an international association of chemists, engineers, technicians, scientists, plant managers, sales and marketing professionals, and others in the rubber, polymer or related fields.  Technical meetings are a way to enhance science, technology and business across the ever-changing elastomeric market through educational and empowerment activities benefiting both the professional and his or her employer.  We at ChemSpec recognize these wonderful opportunities that make our employees great professional leaders in our organization and in their communities.

Anthony has been with ChemSpec for five years, bringing a wealth of chemical application knowledge to our sales team.  Currently, Anthony is our Technical Sales Manager for the Northeast area of the United States.  You can reach Anthony at:

ChemSpec, Ltd. is a local company making a global impact.  We are a management-owned, growing specialty chemical distribution company and although a majority of our customers tend to work in the North American (United States, Canada, and Mexico) Rubber, Adhesive / Sealant, ink, and cosmetic production industries, we’ve found that our chemical additives (and specialty polymers) work well and are price competitive in many other manufacturing segments.

Our goal is to continue to develop strong partnerships with a large portfolio of products and a diverse sales team giving you many opportunities for your business to grow.  Give our experienced customer service team a call at:  800.200.4753 or visit our website at: