ChemSpec Exhibiting and Presenting at Next Week’s TechnoBiz Rubber Industry Forum (Pittsburgh, PA)

UNIONTOWN, OH—ChemSpec, Ltd. is excited to announce it will be co-exhibiting at the upcoming week-long TechnoBiz Rubber Forum alongside its exclusive process aids and internal lubricants supplier, Performance Additives, Sdn. (Table-Top Exhibit No. 26). Performance Additives recently commenced marketing its next-generation ULTRA-DFR™ processing additives line (DFR is an acronym for “Dispersion, Flow, and Release” improvement), and they are exhibiting at the Rubber Forum as part of this marketing campaign. 

As part of this product range, Performance Additives recently announced commercially availability of ULTRA-DFR™ 900, which improves, in multiple ways, processing of various heavy silica-loaded polymer compounds.  Senior technical representatives from both Performance Additives and ChemSpec will be on-hand to answer any questions you may about any of the ULTRA-DFR next-generation products.

Also, ChemSpec Technical Sales Manager, Anthony Mariniello, will be conducting a technical presentation at the TechnoBiz Rubber Forum.  He will be talking on the topic of “Metal Oxides: A Primer in the Manufacture and Use of MgO, CaO, and ZnO.” During that presentation, he will explain the different chemistries of metal oxides and how slight changes can have a major impact on elastomer formulas.  Anthony will speak on Wednesday, July 20, 2016, at approximately 230PM to 300PM.

For more information on the Rubber Forum, see this link:

We hope to see you at the Forum!

                                     ChemSpec Technical Sales Mgr., Anthony Mariniello

                                     ChemSpec Technical Sales Mgr., Anthony Mariniello