ChemSpec to distribute Algues & Mer cosmetic ingredients in the United States

ChemSpec is excited to announce that it is now distributing French-based Algues & Mer seaweed extract actives into the American cosmetic market.

Algues & Mer is an expert in actives extracted from seaweeds for the cosmetic and the nutraceutical industries. Located in an outstanding wild area, Ouessant Island, in Brittany, France, at the western tip of France, Algues & Mer has a unique know-how in the production of Fucoidans with various molecular weights. This highly protected area is exceptionally rich in seaweeds and all seaweeds harvested on Ouessant Island are organic certified. Naturally present in brown seaweeds only, Fucoidans are sulfated polysaccharides; they are well-known for many different benefits in cosmetics.

Algues & Mer has launched in April 2016 a new cosmetic active: Invincity®, the secret weapon against Polluaging® and one of the most complete and achieved actives on the market to protect skin from pollution and fight its damages. Exposed to urban pollution, the skin becomes more sensitive and loses its brightness and ages prematurely; this is « Polluaging® ».

Anti-Pollution and Seaweed-based ingredients are two big cosmetic trends in the United States. This new partnership is a great opportunity for ChemSpec and Algues & Mer to offer the perfect active to the American cosmetic manufacturers to follow these trends: Invincity®.