ChemSpec to Distribute German Mineral Producer HPF-The Mineral Engineers’ Products in the United States

Uniontown, Ohio—ChemSpec, Ltd. is excited to announce that it is now distributing German-based HPF—The Mineral Engineers’ high performance mineral fillers into the American Midwest and Southeast for Rubber Compounding.  HPF, a Division of Quarzwerke Group, has mineral production locations across Central and Eastern Europe. HPF’s products are often used not only in rubber production, but also coatings, plastics, and pharmaceuticals.  Some of HPF’s minerals that are specifically designed for use in rubber compounding are including, but not limited to, wollastonite, kaolin, mica, and silica flour.  HPF has substantial production resources, including the ability to mill and surface-modify minerals.  The company also prides itself on its technical and regulatory capabilities.

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