Meet our new partners for Natural Ingredients: Naturalis Life Technologies and Biolie

NATURALIS LIFE TECHNOLOGIES: Ultra-Deformable Niosomes Specialist

NATURALIS is a new and dynamic Italian company which, thanks to in-house biologists and chemists with university and pharmaceutical skills, develops and manufactures innovative active ingredients. Inspired by nature, Naturalis transforms natural substances into high-technology products. Niosome-Series are Naturalis key products: encapsulated natural actives based on ultra-deformable niosomes made of polyglycerol monoesters which allow the vesicles to go through the stratum corneum and bring the active substances deep into the skin for a better efficacy.

BIOLIE: Solvent-free Enzyme-Assisted Extraction

Founded in 2012, the company BIOLIE is specialized in White Biotechnology and has developed a clean solvent-free enzyme-assisted aqueous extraction technology of plants. This technology is protected by an international patent and can be applied to all types of plant. This concept leads to the valuation of all products issued from the process (oil, active ingredients, protein-rich flour, aqueous extracts, concentrates…). Biolie is offering high standing oils, active ingredients and plant extracts to the cosmetic, nutraceutical and food industries.