Supplier to Present on Non-Phthalates at Winter Southern Rubber Group Meetings

CONCORD, NC--CHEMSPEC, LTD. is excited to announce that the President of Innua Petrochem USA will be presenting, on ChemSpec's behalf, at the ACS Southern Rubber Group Winter Technical Meetings.

Innua's Stan Sexton will talk for approximately 30 minutes on the topic of, "Phthalate or Not to Phthalate That is the question... A business case."  During the presentation, Stan will go through various types of plasticizers and talk about why it may be wise for the end-user to take a closer look at non-Phthalates (or other safer alternative plasticizers) versus some of the more heavily regulated plasticizers that are currently in use.

Sales Representatives Brian Sears and Lucas Moreland, from our Performance Products Division, will be attending the seminar along with Stan to help answer any questions about these types of products or ChemSpec's other rubber specialty polymers / additives.

Stan will be talking at approximately 10AM EST, March 8.  The Winter Technical Seminar is being held at the Embassy Suites in Concord, NC (a suburb of Charlotte).

For further information, please feel free to visit ChemSpec's website, or call your respective sales representative.