Did You Know? ChemSpec Recently Moved Its Home-Office Location

UNIONTOWN, OH—ChemSpec recently moved to a newer building, directly next door to our old facility. The new location allows for more office space, as ChemSpec is growing at a rapid pace, due in large part to the recent Safic-Alcan acquisition.  The office boasts a much newer facility and updated IT infrastructure; a larger, user-friendly conference room; and several additional (and larger) offices to support our staff additions.

Further, because our product sample volume has also grown, ChemSpec moved the sample room from our old location to our nearby contract warehouse, where it can be more easily controlled from a regulatory perspective, and also more easily managed logistically-speaking.

ChemSpec’s senior officer at the new building is our Chief Financial Officer, Richard Dee.  Rich had this to say about the move:

“We’re excited about the change to this new office space.  ChemSpec has been looking for some time now for a building that would allow us some additional work space, and some ability to grow to other parts of the leased space, when needed.  This new facility allows us to do this.  We believe this move to a newer, very attractive looking building is symbolic of how ChemSpec has grown over the past several years, and become a more sophisticated company.”

Our new office is located--literally next door--to our old offices at the following address: 1559 Corporate Woods Parkway, Suite 150, Uniontown, Ohio 44685.

We hope you’ll come visit us soon at our new location!