ChemSpec Continues Its 8-Year Tradition of Sending Christmas Videos Out to Its Customers, Suppliers, and Close Friends

Uniontown, Ohio—ChemSpec recently wrapped-up production on its latest (and greatest) Christmas video.  Creating corny—and hilarious—Christmas videos has become a tradition at ChemSpec.  It all began in 2008 with a re-make of the Christmas song “12-Days of Christmas,” and has continued every year since then (8 years total).

The 2008 edition was low-budget, and all that was required then was a poor-quality video camera, a piano, and an empty office.  But the video has grown to become so much more: boom mikes, hired camera and audio crews, directors, costumes, and creative venues, are all things you will see during the video shoots nowadays that the ChemSpec staff would have never dreamed of in the early production years.

Dave Moreland, ChemSpec’s President, reflects on how it started and has since grown in size and complexity:

“In 2008, and the 3 or 4 years afterwards, it was simply a way to get away from a standard Christmas card email blast that did not seem very personal.  That’s not how ChemSpec handles its business.  I think most everyone who works with us understands that our goal is to have a close relationship with our customers and suppliers.  And by sending out something more personal, like a video of us all singing a revised, funny, Christmas carol, I think accomplishes this more than if we just sent a card in the mail, or over email.

 But what’s fascinating to me, is how much it has grown over the years.  So many people commented on the early videos we sent-out, that we decided to put a lot more time and resources into producing them, and it has really become a great marketing tool for us, and also a nice team-building experience.”

The ChemSpec staff is well-equipped to handle such musical endeavors, too.  Rich Dee, CFO, has an undergraduate degree in Music (and played in the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison Marching Band!), and Hanah Moreland, our Sales Office Assistant, is classically trained in various forms of dance.  Together, along with a motivated sales team, we come up with some interesting scripts, dance moves, and lyrics.

The ChemSpec Team hopes you enjoy watching this year’s video—and our past Christmas carols—as much as we enjoyed making it.  You can watch all of our Christmas videos on our YouTube Page: Christmas and Happy New Year!