Use our Calcium Oxide/Hydroxide as an easy Kaizen-Lean Manufacturing Project

By Brian Sears, Sales Representative


ChemSpec offers a unique form of Calcium products to rubber compounders.  This material is supplied to ChemSpec by Innovo Chemical Ltd. (UK). Innovo quarries, burns, mills and classifies / tests these products (Innovox 95 [oxide] / Innovox OH [hydroxide]) all at the same physical location.  This alleviates many issues related to unwanted chemical reactions with atmospheric moisture. Other manufacturers of CaO 80% pastes and 90% oil treated products purchase their raw lime from third parties.  This material often sits in silos or tankers for extended periods, where it is exposed to the elements well before it is even used in paste / granule / oil treated material production. Additionally, this is an easy Kaizen project.  Innovox product particle sizes often allow for lower load rates.  Innovox 95 / Innovox OH product has a mean particle size of 2 to 3 microns; where the competitions’ products typically run approximately 40 microns. Consequently, ChemSpec has been successful in using these CaO products to replace 80 and 90% materials, as the smaller particle size and greater surface permits a much smaller dosage (sometimes equating to a 50% reduction in load rate).   Consequently, by substantially reducing the load rate, you can reduce your inventory of this material and run a leaner manufacturing process. This smaller micron size also improves the surface of extrudates and molded components, thus alleviating failure point issues with agglomeration related to larger CaO micron particle size. Please contact your respective sales rep for further information.