ChemSpec's relationship with major Chinese Silanes manufacturer, JHSi, continues through 2014

By Jon Sias, Operations Manager


An excellent partnership between Jingzhou Jianghan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. (JHSi) and ChemSpec Ltd., now in its second year, is demonstrating positive growth with increased volumes and more products to customers across North America.  We are pleased to announce this partnership will continue in 2014 and beyond. JHSi began production in 1998 and is a major international manufacturer of silane coupling agents; with a capacity of over 30,000 tons per year.  The plant covers 250,000 square meters (over 800,000 square feet) and is located in the Shashi Economic Development Zone in Jingzhou City.  The plant employs over 430 employees.  More than 30% of the employees have achieved college degrees, including two PhDs and four masters’ degrees.  The company’s motto, “Quality is Life,” is fully demonstrated with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates. JHSi produces the most comprehensive line of silane coupling agents in the world:  Amino, Sulfur, Vinyl, Oligomer, Acyl, Epoxy, Alkyl, and Phenyl.  ChemSpec is the sole distributor of these products into the North American Market; in addition to ChemSpec’s already-existing versatile product lines for the rubber and tire industry.  ChemSpec can offer these silanes as equivalents to “workhorse” products already used in the industry. Most products are readily available from ChemSpec’s warehouse in Akron, Ohio.  Product locations also include Atlanta and Los Angeles.  Free product samples are readily available. Multiple major tire companies have already globally approved JHSi silanes.  ChemSpec is committed to representing quality suppliers with proven products and this line is no different, as it continues to gain market share. ChemSpec’s technical team can help you consider these and other niche products that may offer compounding advantages.  With almost 100 products, JHSi can certainly solve a problem or need at your company such as being offered on a carbon black carrier or as a dispersion powder.  Packaging options include high quality totes and drums with standard weights and dimensions already familiar in North America.