Check-Out ChemSpec's New Line of MeadWestvaco Pine-Based Adhesives & Tackifiers

By Chris Ryan, ChemSpec Technical Sales Specialist


ChemSpec's excited to be distributing products for MeadWestvaco, please check-out the following materials:

  • Tall oil rosin / gum rosin- these are rosin based esters commonly used as natural based emulsifiers and tackifiers in adhesives, rubber, inks, cements and asphalt.
  • Terpenes- these products include Polyterpenes and Terpene Phenolics, commonly used as natural based tackifiers in adhesive, sealants, coatings and thermoset rubber applications. They exhibit increased adhesion in hard to bond surfaces and substrates.
  • Tall oil products- these products include tall oil fatty acid esters, resins for improved processing and increased tack in adhesives, sealants, rubber and related applications.

 We also offer several modified rosin resins. All of these materials are natural based alternatives to hydrocarbon tackifiers, solvent free and environmentally friendly.

 Please contact me or your respective sales representative for more detailed information and applications.